Petzl Shunt Belay Device

Petzl Shunt Belay Device

Product Description:

The Petzl Shunt Rope Ascender is used primarily for back-up and protection when ascending, self-belay and abseiling and acts as a replacement for Prussik knots.

As a back-up, we think it’s more likely to be used by tree surgeons and rope access workers. It’s quite heavy and not something you’d usually have on your rack. For big wall climbing or caving their are better products on the market, such as the Wild Country Ropeman for example.

For self-belaying however, we believe that the Petzl Shunt is the best belay device currently available. The lack of a toothed mechanism (unlike the Wild Country Ropeman etc) reduces the risk of shredding the sheath off the rope in the event of a fall. We’ve been using the Petzl Shunt for many years to self-belay when red-pointing difficult climbs. It’s great for when you want to improve your beta and burn off your mates the next time you’re on route.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Petzl
Model: Shunt
Category: Self Belay Devices
Available Colours: Red
Single or Double Rope: Double
Maximum Rope Width: 11mm
Minimum Rope Width: 8mm
Weight: 227g
Retail Price: £45.99
Now only: £39.99

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